Thursday, April 13, 2017

April Showers

I have always hated the saying "April showers bring May flowers." I was scared the saying would jinx the rain and would rain on my birthday, but this year I planted my first mini garden and bought actual plants. Plants that need water, sun, and love! 3 days later it rained all night! When I woke up we only had one injury, but those white baby flowers are doing better! When you live on the coast we all know what comes after rain... Mosquitoes and humidity. I have heard people complain so many times about humidity, but I honestly have never noticed. I just know when it gets hot it is hot and wet! So light clothes make a ton of difference. So do cut outs...

This dress from Maxwell & Molly is my weekend favorite and Easter outfit. Mint is definitely on Patone's Summer color pallet and who doesn't love tye-die?? Keeping cool means cutouts! My favorite part of this dress is the back. It is sexy, light, and appealing. This dress is all about comfort and quality. What makes this dress even better? Tassel earrings. If you've seen the Kendra Scott summer line. Tassel earrings are on top of the list. These beaded earrings are the yellow earrings are what I have been needing to really start my summer wardrobe.

Dress / Earring: Similar

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